Ever wanted to learn how to make your own apps and video games? Well, now you can from your own home, by joining our online Coding Club!

   Even though the Coding Club cannot meet in person at this time, we wanted to give kids an opportunity to get a head start on learning how to code and create their own projects while still at home! Our Coding Club is intended for ages 10 to 18 and is completely free.

    To get started, please follow these Instructions:


1. Visit .
2. Sign up with the help of a parent or legal guardian.
3. To join SBCPL Coding Club, go to the "Homebase" page, select "Join New Program", and type in the code "644268".

     Once you get started, you can move at your own pace through the lessons and missions. We can't wait to see what everyone is able to create!

Code Club.png