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Summer Reading FAQ's

Thank you for being a part of Shelbyville-Bedford County Public Library's Summer Reading Program!

Below we have answered several frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions about the website or how Summer Reading works, please feel free to contact the Youth Services Librarians, Ms. Emilee and Ms. Hayley.


There are 3 age groups: Pre-readers (Ages 0-5), Children (K-5th), and Teens (6th-12th). 


How to sign up online via computer or mobile device:

  • Go to

  • Mouse over “Kids”

  • Click on “Summer Reading Program”

  • Click on the Register button

  • Follow the instructions for registration


If you do not have internet access:

  • Come to the library and we will help you get signed up

Please visit the Summer Reading page for flyers and game boards



Can I read books that are not from the library?

Yes!! Although I highly encourage library use, I’m just happy you’re reading!

What if I don’t have a computer?

We have options! You can come into the library and pick up a game board at the front desk, or use one of our computers to print one off.

How do I sign up my whole family?

Each child needs to be registered separately.

My baby or toddler can’t read, how do they participate in the Summer Reading Program?

The Pre-Readers age group (0-5) simply completes the 5 Roads to Reading (Singing, Talking, Playing, Writing, Reading). We have a special activity log for pre-readers. All of the Pre-Readers that completed their log will automatically be put in a drawing to win more prizes!

How do I log my hours and activities?

On your game board you can mark off every 15 minutes you read and every activity completed.

On the Teen's BINGO card, can I mark off multiple spots if they all apply to one book?

We prefer each spot is marked off for one book. Yes, some books may apply to multiple spots, but you won't get the most out of the program if you don't read 4-5 books. Remember, the more you read, the more you prepare your mind for life! Don't cheat yourself out!

What is an activity?

An activity can be pretty much anything that encourages participants to get involved with our theme. Here are some ideas of activities:

  • Go start gazing

  • Make up your own planet and write a story about it

  • Learn about some famous astronauts

  • Visit a planetarium

  • Learn how to use a telescope to see the stars and planets

  • Attend a library program

  • Learn about a planet

  • Draw an alien based on a planet from our solar system

  • Learn about constellations

  • Write a story about astronauts

  • Read a story that is set in outer space

  • Make up a song about space

  • Draw a picture of the solar system


Where do I put in what activities I’ve done?

You don’t! Just mark it off on your game board.

Do I need to log the names of the books I’ve read?

No, tracking the books you read is more for your own benefit. It is not required to complete the program.

Do I have to go to the events to participate in the Summer Reading Program?

No. Events are a bonus that we provide for our readers. 

What if I’ve completed my game board? Can I get another game board?

You can’t get another game board, but you can enter our Extreme Reader Challenge! For Children, every 3 extra hours you read, you can get your name put in a drawing for more prizes. You may print forms and keep track of your time here or stop by the library and pick them up. For Teens, every 5 extra hours you read, your name is put in a drawing for more prizes. You may print Teen Extreme Reader Challenges here​ or pick them up at the library. Drop your completed forms off at the front desk. 

If you have any other questions, please contact the library at (931) 684-7323 or email the Youth Services Librarian, Ms. Emilee, at Thank you for participating!

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